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Programs / Activities


All programs follow The Ontario Curriculum. The required knowledge and skills for each grade set high standards and identify what parents and the public can expect children to learn in the schools of Ontario. Programs include: Mathematics, Geography, Language, History, Science and Technology Interdisciplinary Studies, Social Studies, English As A Second Language, Physical and Health Education, Aboriginal Studies, The Arts, Native Languages, French as a Second Language and Special Education.



At Smithville Public School we believe that well-rounded students are students who participate in all aspects of school life. Some activities offered at Smithville Public School include but are not limited to: Primary and Junior Choir, 3-Pitch, Recycling Club, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Track and Field, Chess, Gymnastics, Maker Club, Breakfast Club, Nutrition Program, Bridge Club, Book Clubs, and Library Club.